Marieke as a NYC Educator

"Marieke is a first-rate educator and an absolute pleasure to work with. ... In New York City schools, ... the administrators, teachers and students she has worked with have consistently given her the highest praise."
TALA MANASSAH, Deputy Executive Director, Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

In New York City, Marieke works in K-12 schools to help create more conducive learning and teaching environments. She reaches hundreds of educators and students each year through programs that develop such skills as effective communication, managing feelings, assertiveness, solving conflicts creatively and nonviolently, and dealing well with diversity. She helps teachers develop more caring and productive classrooms and works with students on improving their communities - from the classroom to the world.

Besides working with students and staff in the schools directly, Marieke also develops curricula and makes regular contributions to TeachableMoment.Org, which publishes for free classroom lessons that foster critical thinking on issues of the day and promote a positive classroom environment.

Marieke has been working in the New York City public schools since 2005 and has recently partnered with an elementary school Principal in Port au Prince, Haiti, to introduce a social and emotional learning (SEL) approach to rebuilding the school community after the earthquake of January 22, 2010.

For more of Marieke's international work go to: Marieke as a Global Facilitator.

Teacher reactions to Marieke's Professional Development Sessions:
"The presenter is great. She knows her stuff and I would like to recommend her to any school. Hope to get you back soon."   Teacher at MS2, Brooklyn
"Every activity was power packed, caused us to be introspective and encouraged a sharing community. Thought provoking and life changing."   Teacher at PS214, the Bronx
"I enjoyed your coaching leadership. It helped to bring me to another level. Thank you very much."   Teacher at PS42, Queens
"The instructor had a lot of patience with questions and she was right to the point about bullying, that was very good for me. The workshop was informative and very helpful."    Teacher at P140, Brooklyn
"This exercise/workshop was very helpful. It showed me gentle effective ways to reach the supposedly "unreachable" students. It has encouraged me to try to walk in the children's shoes as they step through life in such a difficult and trying time."   Teacher at High School for Excellence and Innovation, Manhattan