Marieke as a Global Facilitator

"Marieke's energy, thoughtfulness and creativity permeated every aspect of the workshop, and all of the participants raved about her in their reviews of the institute."
MOLLY MORAN, Director, Yale Summer Institute for Educators

Marieke has worked in the field of cultural exchange, interfaith bridge building, conflict transformation and human rights for over fifteen years. She has designed, implemented and supervised hundreds of trainings, dialogues and related programs that raise awareness, promote understanding and empower diverse groups of people to make positive change in their own lives and that of their communities.

Marieke has worked on initiatives around the world in a variety of different contexts. She has worked across the Middle East on cross-border peace building projects with educators, high school and college students. In Afghanistan, she worked on education and gender issues with diverse groups of students and in India and Pakistan she organized cross border visits for people to learn about their so-called enemy by meeting them in person. She worked in Nepal on strengthening the human rights community with representatives from 20 human rights organizations from urban and rural areas.

Across the Balkans, Marieke organized summer camps for young leaders affected by war to learn about each other and work together towards rebuilding South East Europe. She has worked on exchange and dialogue programs with Jewish, Muslim and Christian groups from countries in the Middle East, North Africa and the West. And in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Marieke has worked on cross border initiatives with business, educational and environmental leaders.

In New York City, where she lives, she works with a variety of organizations designing curricula, facilitating dialogues, coaching staff, assessing and evaluating programs, and debriefing audience reactions to theater performances and movie screenings.

For more of Marieke's work in NYC go to: Marieke as a NYC Educator

"Marieke is an extremely talented trainer and facilitator whose work is grounded in a profound sensitivity to creating safe spaces for dialogue on controversial and challenging issues. She is wonderful to work with, extremely professional and detail-oriented."
JENNIFER KLOES, Director, Human Rights & Conflict Transformation Workshop, Nepal